This is how Kratos makes all of his PB&Js.

In honor of it being Friday – the last (and therefore the best) day of the work week – I’d like to share with you all an astonishingly silly video.

If the God of War series is known for anything, it’s its brutal, over-the-top violence, most obviously present in the quick-time event finishing moves. This is one gamer’s take on how perpetually angry God of War protagonist Kratos would use said finishing moves to make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

Yes, this is silly. This is very silly. But it’s also kind of spot on the mark. For those of you who like to read deeper into things, it can also be seen as a clever parody of quick-time events in general. But really, I’m just going to see it as absurd and yet somehow amusing.

Also, I have to give credit to anyone who is willing to stab a knife like that anywhere in the general direction of their fingers. Ouch.

(Via Destructoid)

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