“How To Pick the Perfect Video Game”: The Most Useful Flowchart Ever

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Game flowchart detail

“How To Pick the Perfect Video Game” is an ideal tool for those days when you really want to play something but can’t quite figure out what.

It’s 2 pm on Sunday, you’ve been bored since lunch, you’ve got a serious itch to play a game but… which one? There are so many, and not just new releases; you’ve got a backlog the size of Mount Fuji that you’re scared to even look at for fear that it’s developed into a machine consciousness and is now plotting your demise. You need a game, you need it fast, you need it right – and you need help.

Have no fear, for the good folks at Silver Oak Casino have just the thing to smooth those rough waters. “How To Pick the Perfect Video Game” covers all the bases and delivers you, inevitably and without fail, to the game you not only want to play, but that you need to play. It’s an all-occasions tool, too, with games from Ms. Pac-Man to Braid to SimCity 2000 to Mass Effect 2 and beyond, so no matter what you want to play – and especially if you don’t know what you want to play – there’s a solid option on the table.

It’s kind of weird that this came from an online casino, but there’s no denying that it’s an impressive effort. It works, too; it told me I should play Half-Life 2, and it was right. Success!

Source: Silver Oak Casino

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