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How to Repair Your Ship in Starfield

Space can be a dangerous place, so you'll need to know how to repair your ship in Starfield.

As you make your way through Starfield, you’ll fight your fair share of battles out in the stars, and the spaceship combat is quite robust. You have some nice weaponry to make use of on your ships to take out enemies, and you can even disable and board other ships to steal their stuff. On the flip side, you can also end up taking quite a beating if your ship isn’t up to snuff, or you take on multiple enemies at once. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping on top of your ship repairs to ensure you’re in fighting condition every time you leave a space port. Let’s go over how to repair your ship in Starfield.

How to Easily Repair Your Spaceship in Starfield

You’ll want to dock on a developed planet. Preferably one with a main city to make things easier. Next, head on over to the Ship Services Station. Make sure you’ve got a good amount of credits on hand to pay for repairs — around 1K or more credits should do the trick depending on how beat up your ship is.

Repairing your ship in Starfield

Select the option from the dialogue list to say that your ship needs repairs. The associated cost will be mentioned on this option before you go ahead with it. Your ship will then get a nice repair job by the Ship Services team, and you’ll be back in tip-top flying shape. Just rinse and repeat this process when ever you notice that your ship has taken on a fair bit of damage from dog fights, and you’ll be golden.

That covers it for repairing your spaceship in Starfield. Make sure you keep your ship in a serviceable condition, as you never know when you’re going to run into some space pirates. And for more on the game, check out our picks for the best early weapons in Starfield, as well as our guide on how to customize your ship in Starfield.

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