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How To Reset Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

How to Reset Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

Combat is a huge part of Final Fantasy XVI, and the abilities you choose are a large contributor to your effectiveness. Certain abilities and builds will be much stronger than others. While learning most skills costs a small number of ability points, strengthening and mastering them is much more expensive, so there is some balancing that will go into your ability tree. You’ll need a bit of trial and error to find what works best for your playstyle, and luckily FF16 gives you the tools to reset your abilities very easily.

Here’s How to Easily Reset All Ability Points in Final Fantasy XVI

In other games it can be a real pain to reset your ability points, often needing to pay a price, acquire a certain item, or get past some other mechanic to make changes to the way you’ve built your character. In Path of Exile, for example, I find it such an expensive and daunting process that it’s easier most of the time to simply start over with a new character. In FF16, Square Enix has blessed us with the freedom to reset all ability points and redistribute them whenever and however we like, which is excellent for flexibility.

Whether you’ve decided you love one ability and want to invest a ton of points into mastering it or you feel like you’ve overinvested in one area and want to diversify, the process is the same. You simply hit the Options button on the PS5 controller and navigate to the skills menu. Here, you’ll see a prompt to hold down the Touchpad on the controller to reset all available ability points. Doing so will put them all back in the pool, ready for you to reallocate just like that!

That’s all you need to do to reset your abilities in Final Fantasy XVI. Now that you know you can reset them so easily, you can play around with the ability point allocations and try out different builds until you find the one you like the best! And if you’re looking for more on the game, we’ve got a wide range of coverage for you to explore.

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