How to Revive Resurrect Kelvin in Sons of the Forest if you dig into save files and alter game data in Wordpad

Kelvin, Sons of the Forest’s super helpful NPC, is a real blessing, but he’s not immortal. He can be hurt, either by blundering into the path of one of your grenades or being attacked by an enemy. And if he takes more damage after being knocked down, he’ll die. And if this has happened to you, you might be wondering how to resurrect Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. Here’s the answer.

You Can Resurrect Kelvin in Sons of the Forest If you Dig into Save Files

Officially, there’s no way to revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forests, not in game at least. Once he’s dead, he’s dead. However, thanks to an on-the-ball Reddit user, we now know how to bring Kelvin back anyway. Even better, he comes back without any of those nasty Re-Animator-style side effects.

Here’s what to do. First, you’ll need a save file — we recommend you load up your game and save in a new slot, just in case you make a mistake.Then do the following:

Open Windows Explorer and paste this into the top bar:


Click on the directory with the long number. You’ll see some more directories with long numbers.

Click on the one with the most recent Date Modified.

Now, inside that directory, double click on the file GameStateSaveData.json. When you’re asked to choose a program to open it with, choose Wordpad.

In Wordpad, use CTRL-F to bring the find box up. Search for this string: (You may have to type it manually rather than copy/paste from here, owing to automatic formatting applied to quotation marks on this website.)


Now, change the :true to :false

Click on the X to close the file and save when prompted.

Next, double click on the file SaveData.json. Again, open it in Wordpad and use CTRL-F to open the find box. Search for this string:


Don’t change that string but look a bit further down for \”State\”:6 and change it to \”State\”:2

This next step is very important. If you don’t change this next bit, Kelvin will be alive, but he’ll just be standing in one sport, staring, never moving.

Use CTRL-F again and search for this string:


It might say “Health\”:0.0 or “Health\”:0.645654 — the number after the 0 doesn’t matter. Just change the first 0 to 100.

Finally, exit and save the file. Now, when you open the saved game, Kelvin should be alive again. That’s how to resurrect Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, and your days will be merrier knowing that you can revive this lovable companion with a little effort.

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