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How to Sail to Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3

BG3 Grymforge

There are many big decisions to make while playing Baldur’s Gate 3. One of these key choices is the way in which to travel to the Moonrise Towers, the supposed headquarters of those worshiping the Absolute. You can go overland through the Mountain Pass or underground through the Underdark. The Underdark is quite a large area with a lot to explore, including the Arcane Tower,  and even more dangers to encounter. The whole point of entering the Underdark, however, is to find a way to proceed to the Moonrise Towers. To do so, you have to leave the Underdark and enter an entirely new area. In this area, called Grymforge, you’ll be able to defeat a boss and obtain the Moon Lantern to complete Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 and proceed back up on land towards the Moonrise Towers.

How to Sail from the Underdark to Grymforge in BG3

Once you’ve finished exploring the Underdark and want to move ahead, you’ll need to make your way towards the middle of the Underdark map. Doing so will take you to the Decrepit Village. Here you’ll either have to either dissuade the Duergar party waiting to ambush you (assuming your perception check passes and you can talk to them) or fight them. I chose to fight them and take their stuff.

Once you defeat them, you can head below the village to the beach by the water. There will be a few corpses hanging around that will want to fight you. Take care of them, and then on a nearby rock you’ll find the waypoint for the Underdark beach. Once you’ve grabbed that, head back across the beach to the docks.

Underdark decrepit village

Docked here is a big, badass boat and, wouldn’t you know, the owners just met their sudden demise, so Finders Keepers. Boarding the boat will initiate a cutscene where you sail out from the Underdark across to Grymforge. Just be aware that you’ll be intercepted by another boat on the way and you’ll also have to deal with a welcoming party on arrival. Both of these encounters can be dealt with easily and peacefully with a bit of Deception or Persuasion.

Stealing a boat to Grymforge

Directly left from where you exit the boat is a set of stairs with a gate. You’ll want to come back here after you beat the boss of the area and acquire the Moon Lantern to complete Act 1 and proceed onwards. To get to the boss, you’ll need to head north from where you arrive on the ship and deal with the situation unfolding there.

That covers off how you can get to Grymforge from the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s not super obvious, but Grymforge is the area to progress to after the Underdark and the key to completing Act 1! There’s plenty more depth and secrets in the game, so make sure to take a look through our collection of guides for more tips.

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