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How to Save The Prisoner in Amnesia: The Bunker

How to Save The Prisoner in Amnesia: The Bunker

In Amnesia: The Bunker you’re not the only one sealed in a WWI bunker; you’ve also got a German prisoner for company. He’s locked in a cell so you won’t see an awful lot of him, but there is a special achievement for keeping him alive. If you’re wondering how to save the prisoner in Amnesia: The Bunker and net that award, here’s how. 

There Are Two Ways to Save the Prisoner in Amnesia: The Bunker

At one point, you have to open the prisoner’s cell to get the bolt cutters that have been left in there. It’s probably best not to think about why they were in there, but you need them to finish the game. 

The problem is that when you open the cell, the monster is scripted to descend on the prisoner And if it reaches them it’ll slaughter them. So, how do you keep them alive after you’ve grabbed the cutters? There are two basic ways of pulling it off:

  1. Run back and close the cell. This means that, as long as the electricity hasn’t been cut out in the meantime, you charge back to the control room and hit the same button you hit to open the cell. That’s one way of doing it.
  2. Scare the monster off. This is the method that, after a reload or two, I ended up going with. You can’t just sit in the prisoner’s cell, however, and shoot the monster when it comes close. The monster still attacks the prisoner when it gets to the cell. Instead, here’s what I did.

I rolled the explosive barrel into the passage between the cells, after foolishly setting off the gas tripwire. I then jumped over the barrel, hit the switch and dashed back to the cells. When the monster arrived (I think it sneaked in via a hole), I shot at it twice, which sent it into retreat. 

It smacked into the barrel, which exploded, and it ran away as fast as it could. That gave me enough time to stroll back to the control room and lock the cell, netting me the achievement. 

I take issue with calling the achievement “Life Preserver” as the prisoner probably ends up starving to death. But if you want to know how to “save” the prisoner in Amnesia: The Bunker, that’s how you do it. And if you’re looking for more info or tips about the latest entry in the horror series, take a look through our coverage.

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