How to Send Eyebots To Do Your Bidding in Fallout 4: Automatron

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Even if you’ve completed every main quest of Automatron, the first major add-on to Fallout 4, there’s one optional schematic you might’ve missed. The awesome Eyebot Pod turns you into a one-man Enclave, giving you the ability to launch the floating bots and complete a number of helpful tasks all over the wasteland.

The familiar Eyebots return in Fallout 4, co-opted by the devious Mechanic. Anyone familiar with the franchise knows the bots best for their radio messages sent out by the evil Enclave from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Now you can take control of the tiny surveillance machines. With a certain schematic, you’ll gain the ability to construct a special device in your settlement. Using the computer and pod, you can customize tiny Eyebot missions to collect all sorts of goods. It’s an awesome addition, and one that’s easily overlooked. Learn where to find this workshop project with the full guide below.

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Automatron – Eyebot Pod Guide

The Eyebot Pod is a special workshop project that allows you to send Eyebots to collect ammo, components, or explosives. It’s entirely optional, and functions a lot like the Robot customization bench.

To get your hands on the Eyebot Pod, you’ll need to complete the “Restoring Order” quest. All “Automatron” quests become available after Level 15.

At the bottom floor of the RobCo Sales & Service Center, you’ll find the central hub for the robot production facility. Beyond the computer room, there’s a hallway with an elevator and two rooms.

Enter the bedroom around the corner and look at the central work table. There’s a blue schematic here. That’s the “Eyebot Pod” schematic, and collecting it allows you to construct the pod in any of your settlements.

How to Build the Eyebot Pod & How Does It Work?

Once you have the schematic, return to any settlement and access the workshop. Under the “Special” tab, you’ll find the components required to construct the Eyebot Pod. You’ll need:

  • 6 Power (Connect to a Generator)
  • 2 Copper
  • 4 Circuitry
  • 6 Aluminum
  • 2 Fiber Optics
  • 2 Nuclear Materials

Place the Eyebot Pad on the surface and access the computer terminal to send the Eyebot that spawns from the pad on scavenging missions.

From the computer, you can send Eyebots to search for; ammo, components, or explosives. In each menu, there’s a long list of every ammo type, component salvage, and explosive ordinance available. If you’re in need of rare salvage, this is one way to make collecting easier.

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