Resident Evil 4 remake Dining Hall puzzle

How to Solve the Castle’s Dining Hall Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 remake is full of complicated puzzles that block your way. A variation on a puzzle found in the original Resident Evil 4, the remake fleshes out a puzzle involving fine dining in the Salazar castle. When you reach the Grand Hall, you will find a statue that needs three heads to progress. One of those heads can be found in the adjacent Dining Hall. But, to recover the needed item, you must first solve a puzzle. So how do you solve the puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake’s Dining Hall?

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Solving the Castle’s Dining Hall Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To solve the castle’s Dining Hall Puzzle, you and Ashley must sit in the correct seats at the same time


You will find a hint to solving this puzzle on the back wall of the Dining Hall.

On the back wall you will see two portraits – one of a woman sitting at a dining table with two sets of cutlery, an empty bread plate, and an empty wine glass, and one of a man with three sets of cutlery, bread on his plate, and liquor next to his glass.

Resident Evil 4 remake Dining Room portraits

You will see that there are eight places set for dinner on the two tables in the center of the room. Look at the various place settings and you will see that no two are the same – some have bread, some have wine, and some have grapes. You need to sit at the dinner settings that are identical to those depicted in the paintings.

The two dinner settings you are looking for are on the southern table on the north east corner, and on the northern table on the north west corner.

Resident Evil 4 remake Dining Room portraits

Approach one of the correct dinner settings and direct Ashley to sit at one using the button prompt (R3 on PlayStation and Xbox). Then, once she is seated, sit in the other one yourself. While you are seated, interact with the bell in front of you. Ashley will follow your lead and also ring the chime.

If you have sat in the correct seats and interacted with the bells the grate on the statue will lift and you will be able to collect the snake head item you need to continue on your merry way.

And that’s how you solve the castle’s Dining Hall puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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