Here is how to stop Kelvin from cutting down your treehouse in Sons of the Forest while collecting wood, since he loves to do that.

Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin is fantastically useful when it comes to setting up a base or just surviving. He’ll gather fish, berries, and logs, and as long as you start it off, he’ll finish building things for you. The snag is he can hack away at your treehouse’s support tree, sending it tumbling down. So, if this has happened to you, you might want to know how to stop Kelvin from cutting down your treehouse in Sons of the Forest. Here’s the answer.

You Can Only Stop Kelvin from Cutting Down Your Treehouse in Sons of the Forest Once It’s Been Completed

The bad news is that, while you’re building your treehouse in Sons of the Forest, it’s fair game for Kelvin. To get more wood, he may decide that he’s going to chop down the tree it’s being built on. You can’t absolutely stop him from doing that, but you can minimize the chances of it happening.

So, if you’re building a treehouse we’d recommend that you:

  • Don’t ask Kelvin to finish it.
  • Don’t ask him to drop logs near it.
  • Do get him to follow you, lead him well away from the treehouse, and ask him to drop logs there.
  • Do give him a task that doesn’t involve cutting down trees.
  • Do rush over to Kelvin and lead him away if he comes anywhere near your treehouse.

Once you’ve completed your treehouse, you can go to the Options menu, go to Gameplay, go down to the Gameplay section within that, and toggle structure damage to off.

In fact, you can do that ahead of building your treehouse, if you so desire. As an added bonus, enemies won’t be able to destroy your structures even though they will still attack them. Yes, it feels like cheating, but it’ll lessen the impact of Kelvin’s shenanigans.

Will that stop Kelvin from cutting down the tree your treehouse is on? No, it won’t. But if he does cut it down, your treehouse won’t fall; it’ll be left floating in midair, with no visible means of support (pictured at top). It’ll look weird, but it’ll function like a normal treehouse.

The long-term solution, the one that can only be implemented by Sons of the Forest developer Endnight Games, is to make Kelvin distinguish between normal trees and trees that have a treehouse on them.

We sincerely hope that’s coming in a future update because, despite this treehouse-annihilating foible, Kelvin is just fantastic.

And that’s how to stop Kelvin cutting down your treehouse in Sons of the Forest.

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