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How to Survive Beta Grove in System Shock Remake

How to Survive Beta Grove in System Shock Remake

The System Shock remake has you foiling several of SHODAN’s plans as you roam Citadel Station. One area is particularly tricky to deal with because it’s flooded with hazardous biological material. Beta Grove is wall-to-wall with floating virus, and if you’re not careful it’ll be your hacker’s grave. So, if you want to know how to survive Beta Grove in the System Shock remake, here’s the answer. 

What You Need to Do to Get Through Beta Grove

Unfortunately, there’s no magic way to make the whole place safe. The moment you step inside you’re going to be dealing with biological contamination, complete with unpleasant choking sounds. 

So, before you go inside, you should load up on the following:

Detox patches
Healing patches
First aid kits

The detox patches help flush the contamination from your system, but they can’t be used in conjunction with healing patches, which is a pain. Use the first aid kits and healing patches to keep your health high and save regularly. If you find yourself at a dead end, load an earlier save instead of backtracking.

But why the batteries? That’s because your best chance of surviving is to get the Environmental Pack V1 from Storage, in Storage Room 9. To do that you’ll have to pick up two audio logs, each with the first and last part of a code and guess the middle one. Or if you want to skip all that, the code is 838

Make sure you activate the pack from the Wares tab on your Inventory/Menu. While this won’t stop the contamination from affecting you, it does reduce the level from somewhere in the region of 150 down to around 20. You can see what I mean below. 

You’ll still lose health but it’ll tick down slower. The catch is that your power meter will go down, which is why you need to use the batteries to top it up. Bear in mind you’re also dealing with the viral zombies and other nasties on this level. 

So, it won’t be easy, but if you want to survive Beta Grove, coming well equipped is your best option, and if you need more help, check out our other System Shock guides and coverage.

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