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How to Turn Music Off in Pikmin 4

Here is the full, weird answer to how sound options work in Pikmin 4 and whether you can turn off music or adjust volume levels.

Pikmin 4, like a lot of Nintendo games, has a great soundtrack. It’s not always in your face; sometimes it’s dialed back to the point where you could almost miss it. But what if you want to get rid of it entirely? If you want to know how to turn the music off or otherwise change the volume in Pikmin 4, here’s the unfortunate answer.

Pikmin 4 Sound Options & No Way to Turn Off Music or Change Volume

Unfortunately, Pikmin 4 does not let you change its sound options at all. There are no volume sliders whatsoever. The game features subtitles because all the characters speak in a made-up nonsense language.

You have no control over the audio side of things. That means you are stuck with the music and there is no way to turn it off at all. That’s pretty unusual since a lot of games at least have a master volume slider.

Are there any workarounds? Not really, no. You may have seen YouTube videos where the music is distorted or muffled, so as to avoid getting a copyright strike. However, that effect is applied after the video has been recorded. There is no easy way of muting music on the fly.

So, on the subject of how to turn music off in Pikmin 4, the unfortunate answer is you can’t change the volume levels.

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