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How to Unfuse Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom


The Fuse skill in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is exceptionally handy. You can take a weapon and merge it with another item, from meat through to burning berries, then wield your new, upgraded weapon. But what if you regret sticking a steak to your sword (and why wouldn’t you regret it)? You’ll need to know how to unfuse weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

There Are Two Ways to Unfuse Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

The simplest way to unfuse a melee weapon in Tears of the Kingdom is to go to your inventory, select the item, and choose “Destroy fused material.” This will give you the weapon back, minus the item you fused it with. So, if you have a rock fused to a sword, you’ll get the sword back.

How to Unfuse Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom using the in-game menu

The catch is that the item added is indeed, destroyed. If it’s just a rock, that’s no big deal. But if you’ve attached a rarer item, such as a shock emitter, you’ll want to think twice about using this option. Yes, I wasted a perfectly good shock emitter that way, fusing it with the cheapest, weakest shield I had. 

Is There a Way to Keep Both The Weapon and Fused Item?

The only way to keep both the weapon and the fused item (or at least the only way I’ve encountered so far) is to take a trip to Tarrey Town. This town is located at coordinates 3994, 1628, 0128 and has a merchant by the name of Pelison.

Pelison, the squat little guy in a yellow helmet pictured at the top of this page, can separate and save both objects. But he will charge you 20 rupees for the privilege, so make sure the item you’re getting back is worth it. Pay him and you’ll end up with both the weapon and the item you attached to it. 

Of course, you can also fuse objects to arrows but since those objects are only fused as you fire, there’s no need to unfuse them. 

So, if you’re looking to unfuse weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, that’s how you go about it. For more hints on making your way through Hyrule, make sure to check out our full range of guides for everything from clearing Shrines to finding useful tools.

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