Here is everything you need to know about how to upgrade weapons and armor in Wild Hearts, so you are equipped with the best possible gear.

The most important mechanic in monster-hunting games and the fuel behind the grind is creating and upgrading weapons and armor. This stands true in Omega Force’s Wild Hearts, as crafting the best weapons and armor you can will be crucial to taking on tougher Kemono. If you don’t yet know how to craft or upgrade weapons and armor in Wild Hearts, then this guide is for you.

How You Can Craft and Upgrade Your Weapons and Armor in Wild Hearts

The first thing you will need to craft is some thread gathered from trees and rocks so that you can build yourself a forge, or alternatively you can visit the blacksmith NPC in camps or the main town to use their forge. Interacting with them will bring up a crafting interface. You can select the “+” option to forge a new weapon, and in doing that, it will pop open a list of the available weapons to craft. The same applies to crafting new armor. There will be different sets of armor that have different skills attached to them; you can craft a set for a pre-made set of skills, or you can mix and match armor skills to really min-max the skills you gain from each piece.

Selecting a weapon you’ve already forged from the menu will open up an upgrade tree for the weapon, and you’ll be able to choose which upgrade path you want to go down with the weapon. Each upgrade can change the weapon’s stats, add elemental damage types to the weapon, and add various skills. As you continue to upgrade through the tree, you’ll be able to inherit previous skills to create a small selection of skills you’ll end up having on your weapon as you progress. Armor upgrades are much more simple, as you can improve their defensive capabilities through a series of upgrades at the forge.

To craft or upgrade weapons and armor in Wild Hearts, you’re going to need lots of materials. This includes everything from gathered materials in the wild like ores, to slaying the smaller monsters for their scales, right through to downing the big bad Kemono. You’ll want to be constantly gathering these materials and fighting the Kemono you need parts from in order to progress the weapon or armor path you’re working down.

Every major Kemono you fight in Wild Hearts will also unlock more weapon and armor options for you to craft and upgrade using the materials that they drop when you beat them. Some of the best materials come from the monster’s breakable parts, such as tails and horns, so keep this in mind when fighting them. You’ll often have to hunt a specific Kemono several times trying to break those parts to get the material you need to craft good weapons, armor, and upgrades.

That’s how you craft and upgrade your gear in Wild Hearts — now you can get to hunting and get yourself decked out in some badass armor and weapons!

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