Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty how to use flags

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will test your sword-swinging, enemy-skewering skills with foes that, if you’re not up to it, can wipe the floor with you. Luckily, there are bonfir… sorry, flags that you can take a break at. You absolutely shouldn’t skip them so if you have been, here’s how to use flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

You Absolutely Should Activate and Rest at Flags, Just Make Sure They’re the Right Type of Flags or You Might be in For a Disappointment 

As you progress through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can put up flags and you absolutely should activate every flag point you come across. However, there are two types of flags, Battle Flags and Marking Flags. Marking Flags refill your health and boost your fortitude for the map, but you can only use them once, when you activate that point. You also can’t rest at Marking Flags.

Instead, it’s the bigger Battle Flag points that really matter. And, all joking aside, they basically are the same as Dark Souls’ bonfires. To activate one, just walk up (the flag pedestals are hard to miss) and you’ll be prompted to press a button (R1 on PlayStation, RT button on the Xbox). Activating a Battle Flag will refill your (and any partners’) health, refill your estu… err, Dragon’s Cure Pot, increase your fortitude (once per flag), and save your game.

Once you have activated a Battle Flag, you can press the button again to rest at the flag. Aside from the activation benefits, resting lets you level up, choose your divine beast, set your magic spells, summon co-op buddies, and more. When you die, you’ll return to the last Battle Flag you activated or rested at. Be warned, Marking Flags absolutely do not save your game. 

So what’s the catch? Again, like Dark Souls, when you rest at that flag — not activate, but rest —, all enemies in the level respawn. They won’t be close enough that they’ll run over and murder you, but if you were planning on backtracking you’ll have to fight those enemies again. 

And that is how you use flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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