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How to Use Mount in ESO

How to Use Mount in ESO Elder Scrolls Online

You can get around The Elder Scrolls Online on foot, but what if you want something a little faster? The Dwemer vanished before they could invent motorbikes, but all is not lost. In The Elder Scrolls Online you can ride horses and more. You can even get your hands on multi-passenger mounts. So if you’re tired of walking, here’s how to use a mount in ESO.

The Easiest Way to Get and Use a Mount in ESO

There are several ways to get your hands on a mount in the game. You can buy a horse from the stables, and you can also purchase a stranger mount from the game’s Crown Shop. That last option could cost you real money, however. Buying a horse with your in-game gold isn’t exactly cheap, either.

The simplest option is to keep playing The Elder Scrolls Online until you hit level 10. One of the rewards you’ll get is a Sorrel Horse. That might sound like some kind of fire-spewing, four-legged nightmare, but it’s just a regular, real-world type of horse.

Once you’ve got your horse, make sure it’s equipped as your active mount. Do this by going into Collections, then Mounts, and selecting your Sorrel Horse.

How to Use Mount in ESO Elder Scrolls Online

Now, when you’re outdoors you can summon it. On PC, hit the H key. Hold down the View button on Xbox. Or hold down the Touchpad on PlayStation. It’ll disappear when you hop off, but you can resummon it.

If you wanted to know how to use a mount in ESO, that’s your answer. Next up, check out how to lockpick in ESO.

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