Get ready to tilt with the Pinball FX2 bundle.

Whether its the famous bundles, weekly sales, or recently opened store, the Humble Bundle folks are great at handing out games for charity. Your Steam list is likely bulging from dozens of shooters, RPGs, strategy titles, and all those weird indie games that defy classification. Yet in all that, there’s likely one gaming staple that you’ve missed: Pinball. Yes, those noisy (and once illegal) games of skill that once used to ring and clatter in arcades across the land slowly died out as home consoles took hold. Now, this week’s Humble Weekly Sale lets you stock up on this neglected genre with Zen Studio’s Pinball FX2 pack.

Anything above a dollar nets you a huge collection of original tables. There’s the Pinball FX2 Core Pack, which includes four tables that range from ancient Rome to a biolab. The Classic Pack expands that with five more tables like Shaman, El Dorado, Tesla, V12, and Sorcerer’s Lair. The Earth Defense, Paranormal, and Epic Quest tables round it out to an even twelve tables of pinball goodness. If that’s not enough, you can pay more than $6 and get the Star Wars, Marvel Pinball, and Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles packs.

As usual, you can choose to split your money between the developer, charity, and Humble Bundle itself. All games activate on Steam and run on Windows. While that’s a lot of pinball, I’m not yet convenience that anything can unseat Balls of Steel from the pinball throne of my heart, but I’m willing to test that theory.

Source: Humble Bundle

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