Hungry for More Than Justice? These DC-Themed Cafes Will Hit the Spot

Batman Burger

Batman Burgers, Green Lantern Mint Tea, and Aquaman’s Justice Jumbo Prawn Cocktail are just a few items on the menus of these DC comics-inspired cafes springing up across Southeast Asia.

Comic book movies have long been the juggernauts (bitch) of promotional tie-ins, with their protagonists being used to hawk everything from Happy Meal toys to Evian water to the all new, fully-loaded Dodge Ram — but licensing and copyright issues have largely prevented any superhero-themed restaurants from opening up here in the good old US of A.

Over in Malaysia, however, a pair of officially licensed, DC Comics-themed cafes have recently popped up and caught the attention of comic book fanatics here stateside. Offering items like the Dark Knight Mini Wagyu Beef Burger (pictured above) and the Man of Steel BBQ Chicken Burrito, these restaurants are sure to garner a cult following amongst DC diehards, with a third location in Singapore opening next month.

But being a creative type who’s love of puns is only outweighed by his love of the culinary arts, I’ve decided to draft up a few menu ideas for the JT Network to use in their Singapore location, free of charge.

Bane’s Brisket: A 2.5-pound, back-breaking platter of brisket cut from a steer that has been absolutely loaded to the gills with steroids. Comes with “Venomous” salsa verde.

The Harley Quiche: This deceivingly beautiful quiche stuffed with tomatoes, spinach, bacon and feta is sure to make you smile, if not fall crazy in love! Served with a side of puddin’.

The Doomsday-nish: You’ll be powerless to resist this dark chocolate and cherry ganache-infused danish, which will take down even the most super of men, or at least, require them to take a lengthy nap after consuming.

Flash Fries: A hand-cut shoestring fry “flash-cooked” in searing hot oil and topped with cracked black pepper, Cajun salt, Central City chives and cheddar cheese. Comes with your choice of dipping sauce: Curry Ketchup, Buffalo Barry Ranch, or “Life Doesn’t Give Us Purpose, We Give Life Purpose” Pesto.

I’m doing God’s work here, people.

Take a brief tour of the DC-themed cafes over at Fast Co Create


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