A new type of web-based videogame network that will operate through standard browsers has been announced by IAC and GarageGames.

Named, the network will use GarageGames’ development tools to create “compelling original action games” which will run over normal web browsers. Games running over InstantAction will provide “core-oriented mechanics and high-end visuals” in single- and multiplayer games, and will require no downloaded or externally-installed software.

IAC Chief Executive Barry Diller said, “We’ve been looking at the videogame sector for years and it wasn’t until we found GarageGames and their idea for InstantAction that we believed IAC could participate in a true internet innovation in online gaming.” IAC, described as “an interactive conglomerate operating more than 60 diversified brands in sectors being transformed by the internet,” has acquired majority interest in GarageGames as part of its entry into the market, while the existing GarageGames management will helm the development of InstantAction.

InstantAction is also planning the launch of a Game Development Fund, intended to encourage new internet-based game development. “Working with IAC, we are now able to truly fulfill our vision to enable developers both large and small to deliver innovative ideas on an exciting new accessible platform for gamers,” said GarageGames CEO Josh Williams. “The InstantAction Fund will invest in talented teams who want to bring high-quality action gaming to everyone in the world through the internet.”

The website is live, and registrations for access to its private beta are being accepted. The public launch is currently planned for early 2008.

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