id’s Tim Willits Likes Games For Windows


In a recent interview, id Software Lead Designer Tim Willits has spoken out in support of Microsoft’s new Games For Windows initiative.

“Some people say it’s a little too Big-Brotherish, but it’s a legitimate progression of making the PC feel more – not like a console, but like a closed system,” he said in an interview with

While some gamers have expressed concern over the scheme’s Windows Vista requirement, as well as an annual subscription fee to connect with Xbox Live and play online, Willits claimed it’s a necessary adjustment. “I believe it will help us in the future,” he said. “The whole system’s young and Microsoft’s made some mistakes, but they’re fixing it.” He also stated his belief that the system would play a significant role in the battle against software piracy, which according to Willits “is killing the industry.”

Games For Windows is a new standard for PC videogames set by Microsoft in an attempt to make Windows-based gaming as simple and accessible as console gaming. In order to qualify, games must meet a set of Microsoft-mandated requirements, including Vista Games Explorer compatibility, support for normal and widescreen resolutions and a simplified installation option.

The full text of the interview with Willits and id CEO Todd Hollenshead is available here.

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