IGA Worldwide Commissions In-Game Advertising Study


IGA Worldwide has commissioned a study into the effectiveness of in-game advertising, to be conducted by BASES and Nielsen Entertainment.

The study will be supported by videogame publishers Electronic Arts and Activision, as well as international advertising agencies Organic, Inc. and PHD, although specific games for the study have not yet been announced. A 2006 PricewaterhouseCoopers report projected the global videogame industry to reach a value of nearly $50 billion by 2010; to support this level of growth, according to IGA Worldwide, the industry needs “deeper insight into the effectiveness of in-game advertising and consumer experience.”

“The in-game advertising industry, in particular dynamic ads, is growing at a faster clip than online advertising did and there is pent up demand among advertisers wanting to jump into this new medium,” said IGA Worldwide CEO Justin Townsend. “We are looking to drive growth and accountability across the industry, as well as helping advertisers to make intelligent decisions with their ad dollars.”

The study has two objectives: to investigate the “significant factors” of in-game advertisements, including size and time length of advertisements, and to “uncover fresh data on consumer brand engagement in games and other forms of media and entertainment.” Results of the study are expected to be released in August 2007.

IGA Worldwide is the world’s largest in-game advertising company, with a proprietary network delivering more than 200 million impression per week to consumers in over 150 countries. The company expects its advertising will reach more than 20 million unique users by the end of 2007.

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