Ignition Announces More Layoffs (And Cancels WarDevil)


WarDevil was only temporarily canceled last time. This time, it sounds like it’s permanent.

Remember how, back in October, it looked like Ignition’s long-developed game WarDevil had finally been canceled? Well, apparently this wasn’t the case, because the game’s apparently been canceled due to layoffs. Again.

Ignition is apparently in the process of transitioning into a publishing-only company, as another round of layoffs have been announced at its London studio following a number in Austin, TX. According to Develop, “redundancies have been issued across the entire London development outfit.”

Following last year’s cancellation, WarDevil was resurrected under the moniker “Project Kane.” While this hasn’t been confirmed, Develop has also heard rumors that the game will be allowed to continue if another developer is willing to attach itself to the project. On top of this, there are also rumors that Ignition’s Japanese studio will be shut down once it completes it’s current project.

Source: Develop via Joystiq

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