Imp Girl Plushie from Zero Punctuation on Sale

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Update: Coupon Code Below! Hint: It’s what you get under the tree plus a Z

Nothing signifies “female” to a gamer more than an off-center red bow, and the Imp Girl Plushie from Zero Punctuation proves it. Have you always wanted to cuddle up with a Imp plushie but didn’t want your friends to think you were unmanly? Does your male Imp plushie need a date for the office holiday party? Does the gamer girl in your life want a little Imp plushie which displays a strong feminine role-model? Well, look no further, the Imp Girl Plushie is now available at for a measly $9.95.

This mischievous scamp measures 8″ tall but she delivers some power-pellet packed punch a la Ms. Pac-Man. Put her on your list for anybody who loves Zero Punctuation and stuffed animals made in Chinese sweatshops!

The Escapist is also offering a coupon code for the holiday season at our online store. Enter “presentz” in the coupon field when checking out and you’ll get 15% off your entire order. The offer is good for any merchandise in the store, not just these adorable buggers, until December 25th.

For that money, why not pick up 2 or 27 for the holidays right now?

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