Indie Grave Digger Warns You Not To Disturb The Dead


Home Groan Games’ third person dig-em-up is out now, for a mere £3.99.

Fagus, grave robber extraordinaire, has his work cut out for him, in Home Groan Games’ The Grave Digger. This third person action adventure has you, as Fagus, explore churchyards galore, Idiot’s Guide to Gravedigging in hand, hoping to loot the place before the Soldier, Bride or one of the other spectral inhabitants catches up with him. It’ll run on most machines, the developers promise, and there is a demo, but if you want to put up your cash it’ll only cost you £3.99. A steal!

Home Groan is a very small independent UK studio, run by software developer Thomas Innes and occasional bookseller Joe Salter, both gamers since the 90s. “Throughout their adventures they’ve gibbed shamblers, frozen hamsters, built empires, cauterised stormtroopers, torched zombies, kicked tigers, slowed time, placed blocks, chased mimes around Paris, hacked supercomputers and capped innumerable flags,” say the pair, “but now they’re ready to add their own creations to the gaming landscape, preferably involving top hats.”

If this sort of thing intrigues, head over here for a closer look. Just beware the badger! He can get grumpy this time of day.

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