Indie Royale Brings Hector to Oktoberfest


The latest Indie Royale bundle includes Hector, Chime, Shuggy and more, plus two unlockable albums for the non-cheapskates.

Indie game bundles come and go with such frequency these days that I just can’t be bothered to point and yell about all of them. But I don’t mind putting the effort into it when a good one comes along and in my very expert opinion, the Indie Royale Oktoberfest bundle is very good indeed.

Leading the pack is the Hector: Badge of Carnage trilogy, a wildly crude and legitimately funny point-and-click adventure starring the worst cop in the worst city in all of Great Britain. Next up is Chime, a hypnotic game of musical blocks that made a big splash when it was released in 2010, and the more recent Adventures of Shuggy, a highly-polished and intensely challenging puzzle platformer. The final two pieces in the puzzle are Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble and The Network, which I must admit I know nothing about – but even without them, the first three games alone are more than worth the price of admission.

Speaking of which, the minimum price at last check was just $5.45, but in fine Indie Royale tradition, the more people buy it, the higher the price goes – unless they help push the price back down by paying more than the minimum. There are also bonuses for paying at least $8 for the package: the graphical adventure The Witch’s Yarn and two Savestates chiptune albums, Calm Your Nerves and Chip unDeath.

What you do with your money is your business, but Hector, Chime and Shuggy for a little more than a fiver is a really good deal. If you have a need for some cheap gaming and don’t have these in your arsenal, I’d urge you to give them a look. The Indie Royale Oktoberfest bundle will be around until 12 pm EST on October 5.

Source: Indie Royale

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