Infinitas DM Campaign Management App Heads to Kickstarter


Atom Switch hopes to raise 30,000 dollars to finish its dungeon management app Infinitas DM.

Last month, we introduced Escapist-readers to Infinitas DM, an independently made RPG tool aimed at giving dungeon masters the ability to manage their campaigns conveniently with their mobile devices. Following up on previous promises, its creators at Atom Switch have now launched a Kickstarter aimed at finishing the game for its commercial release.

Started on Wednesday March 16th, the campaign hopes to raise 30,000 dollars to fund Infititas DM‘s continued development. According to a video posted by Atom Switch founder Dan Sandberg, it’s projected that around 82 percent of the Kickstarter money will go to development with the remaining portions going to taxes, rewards, shipping and other necessary fees. As we previously reported, Infinitas DM will offer DMs digital tools they can use to create maps, campaign documents, notes and even display their creations to players on a second screen. With just a day under its belt, the campaign has already raised more than 4,300 dollars. A five dollar contribution to Kickstarter will earn interested gamers a complimentary copy of the app. Sandberg predicts that Infinitas DM will be sold for about “7 or 8 dollars when it hits app stores.”

I’m going to go ahead and say that is a project I’ve contributed to and one that I really want to succeed. Organization is one of the things I struggle with most when DMing. I’m the the DM who jumbles his notes and forgets small details that can sometimes lead to big problems. If Atom Switch can deliver on even a fraction of what it’s promised with Infinitas DM, it would be a fantastic tool for addle-brained game masters like myself. That in mind, take a look at the campaign and, if you’re feeling inclined, pitch in a few dollars in.

Source: Kickstarter

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