The PS3 demo for Injustice: Gods Among Us seemingly lacks the full game’s “Street Fighter-style” controls, but they can be enabled with this simple trick.

It’s anathema to many fighting game purists to complain about any given game’s control scheme. Argue over arcade sticks versus gamepads all you’d like, but as far as a title’s actual commands, you’re generally expected to work with whatever the developers had in mind. That said, the half- and quarter-circle motions found in Capcom’s Street Fighter games are undeniably the most familiar fighting game control system and realizing this NetherRealm Studios included optional “Street Fighter-style” controls and button configurations in its upcoming DC Comics superhero fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. That’s very generous of the firm, but those of you who’ve been playing the title’s demo may be disappointed to find that the abridged version of the game doesn’t include this option.

At least, that’s how it initially seems.

A group of devoted Injustice fans, saddened by the feature’s removal, have done a bit of digging into the PlayStation 3 iteration of the demo and discovered that by accessing a hidden options menu players can enable the “Street Fighter-style” controls for the trial game. Sadly, there’s currently no similar fix for the Xbox 360 demo.

So how do you do it? Simple: Access the game’s character select screen, then open the options menu. Once there, select “BUG_ME” and you’ll be presented with an invisible menu that includes obscured control options. We’ll let the Injustice fans take it from here:

After pressing the BUG_ME option, without moving up or down, the first option is the numbered preset change. You can go left or right, after you save the BUG ME number will change from 1 to 4.

The second option going down is the LIGHT button.

The third option is the HARD button.

The fourth option is the INTERACT button.

The fifth option is the FLIP STANCE button.

The sixth option opens a menu (?), which I haven’t fully understand yet.

The seventh option is a left or right type of option, selecting from the MK or Capcom inputs.

The eight option is the SAVE PRESET button.

The ninth option opens another menu(?).

As you can see the people who discovered this trick haven’t entirely figured out every aspect of the BUG_ME menu, but toggling that aforementioned seventh option will change the controls and button layout in Injustice from its default Mortal Kombat-esque scheme to a control system more familiar to Capcom fans. From there you can view the changes in each character’s move list. This may take some getting used to, but if you prefer Shoryuken inputs to NetherRealm’s traditional back-forward-back-whatever special move commands, this may help you better enjoy punching Batman in the jaw.

Of course, with Injustice: Gods Among Us hitting shelves on April 16, you could simply wait a week, buy the full version of the game, and switch the control scheme properly, but that lacks the clever light hacking of mucking around in a menu screen that you weren’t meant to see. Where’s the fun in that?

Source: Injustice Society

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