Insecticide, a new action-adventure game for the Nintendo DS, is now shipping to stores across North America, Gamecock Media Group announced today.

Insecticide puts players in the shoes of Chrys Lyszt, a rookie detective with six legs who finally gets her big break when the CEO of Nectarola, the city’s biggest soft drink company, is nearly killed in a mysterious accident. Gameplay is divided between action and “detective” levels, in which Chrys will examine files and dig up new evidence, gain access to new areas and establish new sources of tips and information. In the action sequences, the insect detective will use weapons like the “Pollenizer” and the “Amberizer” to battle the bad bugs.

Michael E. Levine, head of Insecticide developer Crackpot Entertainment, said, “Insecticide is a game that throws conventions out the window. Players will be sucked into the storyline and really want to make it to the end of this game. The combination of old-school adventure elements and the fast-paced action sets up an interactive story that appeals to all gamers.”

Insecticide seeks to make a statement with its imaginative storyline,” added Gamecock Console Chief Rick Stults. “The game combines the finesse of a quality detective game and the high velocity of an action game to deliver a silky smooth solve-and-shoot adventure.”

Insecticide is rated E10+ (Everyone) by the ESRB. More information is available at the official Insecticide website.

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