image has begun its open beta test, giving gamers the chance to begin playing games as soon as they register with the system.

In a message posted on the InstantAction Beta Blog, the company announced today as the official start of the open beta, although many enterprising gamers discovered they could register and access the service on Thursday. “We wanted to let you followers of the blog know as soon as we had an official date and that time has finally come,” the message said. “If you are reading this and haven’t signed up yet, at that time you’ll be able to register and get right into the action. If you’ve already registered, you can go ahead and login NOW!”

First unveiled in September 2007, InstantAction is a browser-based online gaming service offering “core-oriented mechanics and high-end visuals” without the need for external or downloaded software. Games currently available on the system include Marble Blast Online, ThinkTanks, Cyclomite and Screw Jumper, with the anticipated Tribes-style FPS Fallen Empire: Legions coming soon. During the beta phase, gamers will also be able to earn free Action Tokens, InstantAction’s virtual currency.

For more information and to sign up for the InstantAction open beta, check out

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