Fans Can Buy New Marvel and CrossGen Digital Comics on DVD Directly From New Site

October 16, 2003, Miami, FL —

Since the announcement of IntecInteractive’s new line of Digital Comic Books on DVD, many comics fans have been asking about how to get their hands on these new titles. For those not within the reach of a Toys R Us, FYE, GameStop or EB Games store, Intec Interactive has opened up a new site that answers every question anyone could ever have about the DCBs, with links to online retail partners so fans are able to order the DCBs on the spot, too.

Thanks to links to and, fans can click online and buy instantly any of the new Marvel or CrossGen DCBs at the suggested retail prices of $9.99 (for CrossGen titles) and $13.99 (for Marvel’s titles).

In addition, the site contains a ton of information about the DCBs including a complete list of titles, pictures of the box covers, a synopsis of each volume, release dates for each volume, an FAQ about the products and links to news and reviews written about the new comics format.

“While we recognize that most comics fans prefer the feel of a printed comic book in their hands — and nothing will ever replace that experience — we think that this new format and style of presentation is a fun experience unto itself, and is a great way to introduce new people to the storytelling wizardry that exists in this industry,” said Mark Stanley, vice president of marketing for Intec Interactive. “At $9.99 and $13.99 for the equivalent of a complete graphic novel’s worth of story, along with nspecial features and trailers, we believe the DCB series is a great digital complement to any comic fan’s collection.”