What it lacks in safety features, Patrick Priebe’s homemade crossbow gauntlet more than makes up for in silent assassin cred.

The “wristbow,” which Priebe claims is entirely handcrafted, fires carbon fiber bolts with steel tips, features a battery-powered laser sight and as you can see from the embedded clip, is quite capable of punching neat holes in things.

Granted, the weapon only has a 9 foot range, and while it may be deadly to aluminum cans, I don’t think anyone is going to be picking one up to assassinate their political rivals. Fortunately, if you feel differently, odds are solid that Mr. Priebe will be offering these wristbows for sale. Though he has a baffling grasp of historical myth (“Wilhelm Tell?” Really?), Priebe has earned a bit of internet notoriety for the intensely dangerous laser devices on offer through his website, and like this bow, those too started as simple DIY projects.

Alternately, if you’re an inventive sort, Priebe says he will be offering up the plans for this device via Instructables shortly. Kids, try not to shoot yourself in the sexy bits.

(Disclaimer: Please note that neither The Escapist nor any of its sponsors condones the use of homemade weaponry, no matter how radical, in the premeditated slaying of any figure, political or otherwise. Likewise, we cannot condone the senseless murder of aluminum cans, balloons or lightbulbs. We can however condone kittens.)

Source: Technabob, via Geekologie

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