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Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

Atlas Fallen is a new third-person action-adventure game from Deck13 Interactive, the developer behind The Surge games and the original Lords of the Fallen. But being a bit of a deviation from what the team is best known for, as well as being a new IP, it’s understandable to want to try before you buy. Xbox Game Pass is a great way to do so, and so if you’re hoping to try Atlas Fallen out on the service, you’ll want to know if that’s an option.

Can You Play Atlas Fallen on Xbox Game Pass?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, Atlas Fallen is not a day one addition to Game Pass, nor to any other subscription service that we’re aware of. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t eventually be added. After all, The Surge 2, at least has previously spent time on the service. Plus, publisher Focus Entertainment is no stranger to the service, having added A Plague Tale: RequiemAtomic Heart, and Dordogne as day one additions in the past year.

It’s curious that the same trend hasn’t been maintained for Atlas Fallen, but maybe it has to do with Deck13 being directly owned by Focus Entertainment, while those other games were externally published. That’s just speculation, however.

Either way, it means that Atlas Fallen isn’t available on Game Pass for the time being. But if you want my opinion, I’ve been having an absolute blast surfing the sands and tackling the imaginative beasties that the game has to offer. It’s unlikely to be remembered among 2023’s best, but it’s a solid, fun throwback that’s well worth the time. If you do pick it up, we’ve also got guides on how to fast travel and net a free armor set fairly in the game, so make sure to check out our other coverage.

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