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How to Fast Travel in Atlas Fallen

Deck 13 created a big world that takes some time to get around, so here's how to fast travel in Atlas Fallen.

Atlas Fallen has some of the best traversal gameplay of any 2023 game. It’s fast, fluid, and, above all else, fun. However, given the scale of the open-world desert and the frequent presence of enemies, you don’t always want to sand-surf (and air dash) to where you need to go. Thankfully, Atlas Fallen has a fast travel system, and here’s how you use it.

What Kind of Fast Travel Does Atlas Fallen Have?

Unfortunately, the fast travel system in Atlas Fallen doesn’t offer options as comprehensive as the one found in Skyrim, for example. In fact, it’s much more like what we’ve come to expect from Dark Souls and Elden Ring in that it has a relatively small number of checkpoints that you can warp between.

Here, those warp points take the form of Anvils, which you’ll come across buried beneath the desert sands. Because of this, they can be hard to spot, though your companion, Nyaal, will usually tell you when one is nearby. Even so, they’re still not always easy to find, as they might be above or below you depending on the topography of the surrounding environment. You can pick them out from the surrounding sands from the cobwebs of blue light on the ground; just note that similar visual cues also herald buried chests.

Fast Travel in the Anvil menu in Atlas Fallen

Once you’ve located the Anvils, it’s a simple matter of using your Raise ability (up on the D-pad or ? on the default keyboard settings) and accessing the menu. At the bottom is the Fast Travel option, which lets you instantly teleport to any previously raised Anvil at no cost. It really encourages that you pay attention while exploring the deserts to make sure you’re not missing out on checkpoints that will make your journey a little bit easier, or least faster.

So, thankfully, it’s extremely easy and straightforward to fast travel in Atlas Fallen, but maybe not as convenient as you might hope. And if you’re looking for more on the game, check out our 3 Minute Review.

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