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Read Article How to Fast Travel in Atlas Fallen
Deck 13 created a big world that takes some time to get around, so here's how to fast travel in Atlas Fallen.
Read Article Atlas Fallen – Review in 3 Minutes
Atlas Fallen Review in 3 Minutes: Deck 13's tight gameplay loop of fun exploration and thrilling high stakes combat make up for its flaws.
Read Article Atlas Fallen Delayed Just Weeks After Setting Its Release Date
Atlas Fallen Delay Pushes Sandy Action RPG Co-op to August for PC & Consoles
Read Article Atlas Fallen Channels Action Adventures of Yesteryear, for Better or Worse – Preview
Atlas Fallen preview hands-on: The Surge developer Deck13 has created an action adventure game with promise, but its demo feels a bit dated.
Read Article Atlas Fallen Gameplay Trailer Reveals Fast and Flashy Combat
Deck13 drops the Atlas Fallen gameplay reveal trailer, Rise from Dust, which offers fast and flashy combat.
Read Article Atlas Fallen Release Date Is Sooner Than Expected, Gameplay Reveal Coming ‘Soon’
Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive have revealed an Atlas Fallen release date for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S, gameplay trailer soon


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