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Is CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story on Steam Deck?

Is CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story on Steam Deck?

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story takes you on a solo journey through the League of Legends universe. Like The Mageseeker and Ruined King before it, it tells its own story, this time casting you as time-meddling inventor Ekko. But if you’re a Steam Deck owning LoL fan you’ll want to know whether CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story is on Steam Deck.

What You Need to Know About Playing CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story on Steam Deck

Right now, CONVERGENCE is not Steam Deck verified. That doesn’t mean it’s incompatible, only that Steam has yet to assess the title. Those who have attempted to play the game on Steam Deck have, however, reported mixed results.

Some players have said it works fine, while others claim it worked with issues, and at least one player couldn’t get it to work at all.The official CONVERGENCE website makes no mention of Steam Deck compatibility, and developer Double Stallion hasn’t commented on whether (or not) it will officially get Steam Deck support.

So, does that mean you should steer clear of CONVERGENCE if you want to play it on Steam Deck? Not necessarily, but you should be aware that there’s a risk involved. On the other hand, Steam’s refund policy does give you an opportunity to return the game, so it might be worth trialing. However, it’s also possible you may only run into issues beyond the two hour playtime refund window, so it could still be a gamble.

So, as to whether CONVERGENCE is playable on Steam Deck, right now the answer is no, not officially. You may be able to buy and run it, but you do so at your own risk. 

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