Is Dredge on Xbox Game Pass

Dredge by Black Salt Games has been a surprise indie hit that has everyone fishing up a storm. It’s a fishing-based action-adventure game with horror and RPG elements, which makes it quite unique. This game has been crafted with amazing attention to detail and care by the development team. If you’ve been seeing the rave reviews and are interested in trying it out, you may have been curious about it being on Xbox Game Pass. After all a lot of great indie games are available there at launch these days.

Can I Play Dredge Through Xbox Game Pass?

Before you go throwing your wallet at extending your Game Pass subscription to play some action-packed fishing goodness, I have some bad news for you. Dredge is currently not a title that is on Xbox Game Pass. It may be added in the future, but right now if you want to play Dredge you’ll have to buy a copy.

The good news is that this gem of a game is up for sale on Steam for only $24.99, and you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth at that price. Just take a look at all the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews on the game’s Steam page and you’ll see what I mean! This is also a very exciting release for Steam Deck users. As someone who picked one up recently myself, I was very excited to see this receive a ‘Best on Deck’ award on the Steam page and look forward to playing more of it on my Steam Deck.

So while it’s not yet a title available on Xbox Game Pass, Dredge isn’t that expensive, and you’ll get an excellent game with around 13 hours of story and plenty of mysteries to fish up!

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