Is Ghostwire: Tokyo Multiplayer
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Is Ghostwire: Tokyo Multiplayer?

Now that Ghostwire: Tokyo is past its period of PlayStation 5 console exclusivity and on Xbox Game Pass, a new audience is interested in Tango Gameworks’ horror-adjacent first-person action game. One of the big questions for prospective new players is whether or not Ghostwire: Tokyo has a multiplayer element.

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Can I Explore Shibuya With a Friend in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

The short version is no. In Ghostwire, you’re stuck in the middle of a haunted, abandoned Tokyo, accompanied only by the ghost of a sarcastic psychic detective who lives inside your character’s skull. The only other moving things in Ghostwire’s Shibuya are ghosts and monsters from both traditional and modern folklore that are out to punch your ticket.

As such, it’s not only a single-player game, but is built around an atmosphere of isolation and silence. Having a second player along for the ride would actually work against much of what it’s trying to do. You’re supposed to feel as alone and outnumbered as your character is in the middle of a sprawling map full of unpredictable encounters.

Further, Ghostwire doesn’t have any online components to speak of, aside from whatever might be built into your platform. It doesn’t require you to be connected to the Internet, has no leaderboards, and doesn’t feature any kind of additional interactivity like the blood pools from Dark Souls. It’s weird to contemplate, but Ghostwire actually comes off as slightly retro in an age of always-online community experiences.

If you’re looking for a similarly creepy sort of game that you can share with a friend online, you might consider Sons of the Forest, now on Steam Early Access, or to go a bit further back, the indie horror co-op game The Blackout Club. While neither game quite recaptures the same urban sprawl or Japanese mythological hook as Ghostwire, they both have similar atmospheres and are designed for play with friends.

Ghostwire: Tokyo itself, however, does not have multiplayer.

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