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Is Redfall on Game Pass?

is Redfall on Xbox Game Pass yes obviously console and PC get Live Gold for online play

Redfall invites you to kick vampire bottom in a co-op shooter that resembles a bloodsucking version of Left 4 Dead. But if you want to take on the living dead, do you need to pay for the privilege? Or can you play for free? After all, Microsoft owns developer Arkane Austin and publisher Bethesda. So, here’s the answer to whether or not Redfall is on Game Pass.

Is Redfall on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, or Both?

The good news for Game Pass subscribers is that Redfall is on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Also, since Microsoft owns both the developer and publisher, we doubt it’ll be leaving Game Pass any time soon. So, you can download it and play absolutely free.

However, if you want to play it in co-op mode on Xbox Series X | S, you will also need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also features Gold, so if you’re subscribed to that service, that’s all you need. But if not, you’ll need a Gold subscription.

PC Redfall players don’t have to worry about that; just a PC Game Pass subscription is enough. MMORPGs aside, PC gamers don’t usually pay to play online.

Can You Play Redfall Through Xbox Cloud Gaming?

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can play a lot of Xbox games via the cloud. However, Redfall is not one of those games, not yet. Some Xbox games have launched without cloud support only to have it added later down the line, so it’s possible that’ll be the case here. But right now, you can’t play Redfall via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

So, if you’re wondering if this vampire-hunting game is on Xbox or PC Game Pass, the answer in either case is yes.

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