Here is the answer to whether Sons of the Forest is available on PS4, PS5, or Xbox and what release date information is available.

Sons of the Forest is available in Steam Early Access on PC, pitting you against hunger, illness, and mutant cannibals who very much want you dead. That may sound horrifying, but if the previous game The Forest is anything to go by, this survival game could really be something. But what if you’re on a console? Is Sons of the Forest on PS4, PS5, or Xbox?

Sons of the Forest Is Not on PS4, PS5, or Xbox… Yet

Sons of the Forest is not on PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, and developer Endnight Games hasn’t announced a console release as yet. Could they be working on a console port behind closed doors? It’s possible, but matters are complicated by Sons of the Forest’s status as an early-access game.

You see, Sons of the Forest wasn’t always a Steam Early Access release. It was delayed several times but was set for a full and final release. However, Endnight then announced that it was going to release it as a Steam Early Access game.

The original The Forest was an early-access game, but that was planned well ahead of time. Sons’ announcement came less than two weeks before it was set to release. Rather than delay the game again, Endnight made the decision to release it onto Steam Early Access.

Xbox does have its Game Preview program, which lets initially unfinished games such as Valheim and Grounded be made available for purchase. However, PlayStation doesn’t really have an equivalent program. So even if there were an early-access console port, it would only be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. And, so far, Endnight has said nothing about a console release.

Does that mean it’s not going to happen? The Forest did eventually come to PlayStation 4 after spending several years in Steam Early Access on PC. It arrived about six months after The Forest left Steam Early Access and skipped Xbox.

So it’s possible that this new game will end up on consoles after the PC version leaves early access. According to Endnight, the Steam Early Access period will last for up to eight months, so that’s a bit of a wait, if indeed it’s happening. And we’d expect it to skip the last-gen consoles and go straight to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

So, no, Sons of the Forest isn’t on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X | S, but it’s possible it could happen in the future.

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