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Is System Shock Remake on Xbox and PlayStation?

Here is whether the System Shock remake is or will be available on Xbox & PlayStation consoles, including Xbox One / Series and PS4 / PS5.

System Shock is back! The 1994 sci-fi FPS has been remade for PC by Nightdive Studios. Sure, it took eight years for it to arrive, but it exists. What about console owners, though? Are they being left out? If your gaming platform of choice is the Xbox or PlayStation, you might well be wondering if the System Shock remake is on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, or PS5. We’ve got the answer.

The Details on System Shock Remake on Xbox & PlayStation Consoles

System Shock is not currently on consoles. The only way to play the remake is to fire up your PC, first checking it meets the game’s minimum requirements, and get battling SHODAN. You won’t need a particularly meaty PC, but you will need a PC. Right now there’s no way to play the System Shock remake on console.

The good news is that the System Shock remake should be coming to consoles. As part of Nightdive’s 2016 Kickstarter, it stated, “We are happy to say that as of now, we are releasing on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4!”

The last press release from publisher Prime Matter stated: “Console editions of System Shock will release on PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox One and Series S|X in due course; more details will be shared in the future.”

According to a June 6th Kickstarter update from Nightdive, “Console versions are running smoothly but need a few rounds of QA support before we move to certification.” So you can reasonably expect to see the console version this year, but we doubt it’ll be this month or next.

That is all there is to know about whether Nightdive Studios’ System Shock remake will be available on Xbox or PlayStation.

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