Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu and daughters

Resident Evil Village, like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, features a first person perspective. You get to watch through protagonist Ethan’s eyes as his hands come in for some serious mistreatment. But what if you want to take things to the next level and play the game in VR? Is there a Resident Evil Village VR mode?

There are Two Ways to Play Resident Evil Village in VR — an Official PlayStation VR2 Release and an Unofficial PCVR Mod

The only official Resident Evil Village VR mode is on PlayStation VR2. It’s a free upgrade, available to anyone who owns the full PlayStation 5 version of the game. It features all sorts of VR bells and whistles — holding a physical map instead of jumping to a map screen, physically having to insert keys, and more. You can check out a trailer.

Could this official Resident Evil Village VR mode be coming to other VR platforms? There are vague rumblings, courtesy of dataminers, but for now, the only officially announced Capcom-created VR mode is on PlayStation VR2.

But… there is a free, fan-created PCVR mod and it may be a little wilder than Capcom’s own mode. How wild? We’ll let you see for yourself. It’s the work of modder PrayDog and can be downloaded, though it’s a little fiddlier to set up than just plugging a VR headset in. But it does let you play all the following Capcom RE Engine titles in VR.

  • Resident Evil 2
  • Resident Evil 3
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Monster Hunter Rise

You may encounter a little wonkiness and we’d definitely advise against opening a door with a baby. But if you’ve got a PC-compatible VR headset, it will let you experience the joys of werewolf bites (and murderous vampire ladies) up close and personal.

And that is the answer to whether there is a VR mode for Resident Evil Village.

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