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Is There an Arachnophobia Mode in Starfield?

A shelf in Starfield. Does Starfield have an arachnophobia mode that lets you remove spiders?

Starfield’s universe features over 1,000 planets, around 10% of which have life. As such, you can expect to run into some creatures that, if not technically spiders, are close enough to be a problem for anyone with arachnophobia. But is there a way to deal with this? If you’re not a fan of spiders and are wondering is there an arachnophobia mode in Starfield, I’ve got the answer.

Does Starfield Let You Remove Spiders?

Spiders are pretty common in games, especially where fantasy settings are involved. And, while Starfield takes you to the stars instead, it’s not a guaranteed spider-free zone. Unfortunately, there’s no way to absolutely eliminate arachnids. Some games have featured an arachnophobia mode that swaps spiders out for other creatures or, in the case of one game, floating bubbles.

And I’m sure, in each case, players with a phobia of spiders appreciated having that option. For some players, their fear of spiders is so extreme that they can’t bring themselves to play a game if they know they could run into spiders. Those games with an arachnophobia mode haven’t always launched with it, sometimes it’s been patched in later. And that could well be the case with Starfield.

However, right now, there is no arachnophobia mode in Starfield. If you’re looking for other information about the game, from questions about the lore to how you can buy and sell ships, take a look through our full set of guides.

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