Is There Anything I Should Not Sell In Sea of Stars?

Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Sell In Sea of Stars?

Since release, many players have been exploring the world of Sea of Stars and enjoying a lovingly crafted throwback to classic SNES RPGs. Personally, it feels great to play a simple RPG that knows exactly what it’s trying to be and delivers on all fronts. The turn-based combat is solid, navigating the world is enjoyable, and there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. However, like most classic RPGs, you may find yourself hoarding a lot of items, afraid to sell them out of fear that they may be needed for some late-game quest or crafting a secret item. So, let’s explore whether there are any items in Sea of Stars that you should not sell and what is worth offloading.

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Are There Any Items In Sea of Stars I Shouldn’t Sell?

Sea of Stars is thankfully fairly simple in terms of keeping track of your inventory. The first thing of note is that items required to progress the plot cannot be sold. So, don’t worry about accidentally getting rid of that cookie jar from the beginning of the game or any of the question packs you discover in the world. The only items that you’ll be able to sell are ingredients, weapons, armor, accessories, and gems that you come across in treasure chests.

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If you want to sell any of these items, there are no consequences for doing so. You cannot soft-lock yourself out of quests by accidentally selling any of these items. In fact, you’re strongly encouraged you sell them to increase the amount of gold you possess, given that gold is difficult to come across unless you’re playing a lot of Wheels. Every time you get a new weapon from a store, you’re given the option to sell your previous weapon for a small profit, which is something you should do. Ingredients will also get you some money, and you can farm ingredients for money, but it’s a slow process that doesn’t really amount to much. You won’t even get extra money for selling dishes, just a combined price of all of the ingredients used to prepare them, so it’s better to save those for combat. The only thing that I would hesitate to sell are accessories, as you can swap them out to better suit combat encounters you find yourself in, but you’re still not punished by the game for selling them. It’s just that there are better and more valuable goods you should be selling instead.

Gems are what you should prioritize selling. They’ll always be worth the most and net you the highest profit. So, make sure to stop by the nearest town and sell anything you won’t need between story sequences and dungeons. Chances are, you’ll only have enough money to buy the new goods the merchants have on sale to buff your party for the next battle. So sell, sell, sell!

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