yes there is character customization in wild hearts

There are a lot of options for monster-hunting games these days, but none are quite as inventive and unusual as EA‘s Wild Hearts. This action-packed entry in the lineup features some incredibly unique gameplay mechanics that elevate the experience beyond simply slaying monsters for loot, making it a must-play for genre enthusiasts. But as thrilling as all of this may be, for many, part of the appeal of jumping into games like this is the ability to customize their character model any way they see fit. If you’re wanting to pick up Wild Hearts, you might be wondering if there is character customization available, and we’ve got the answer right here.

There Is Character Customization in Wild Hearts

The simple answer is yes, Wild Hearts has character customization. But it’s much more exciting than that quick conclusion would have you believe. In fact, it grants an unexpected level of creativity that allows you to truly ensure that your character feels authentic and personalized to your liking. It does this by allowing you significantly more control than most other games over every element of the process.

This is perhaps most exciting when looking at the hair selections. Whereas most games would ask you to pick a style and color(s), Wild Hearts makes these types of choices much more in-depth by including the ability to customize individual sections of hair. You pick a base style, and then you can mix and match elements from other styles for the front, back, top, nape, and more to make sure that your hair looks exactly how you want it to.

This attention to detail doesn’t stop at hair, either, as Wild Hearts give you immense levels of control over all of the small details of your face, too. Whether you’re adjusting each eyelid’s thickness and level of openness, toggling through a wide selection of nose adjustments, or fine-tuning your wrinkles, (We get it – we’re all getting older.) there’s simply no shortage of ways to make a character that you’ll want to embody when you’re out there in the wilderness taking down giant monsters.

So overall, there is pretty abundant character customization in Wild Hearts.

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