Here is the answer to if Wild Hearts is free to play, including whether there are microtransactions or if post-launch content is free.

Wild Hearts, Omega Force and EA’s Monster Hunter-style action RPG, sees you hunting weird and wonderful beasts in a feudal Japan-style fantasy land. But if you want to go hunting, will it cost you anything? Here is the answer to if Wild Hearts is free to play.

Wild Hearts Isn’t Free to Play, but Its Post-Launch Content Will Be Free

The game isn’t free to play. It’s available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, but whichever format you purchase it on, it’s a full-priced game with an RRP of $69.99. So you’re going to have to pay in order to get your hands on it.

However, the good news is that its post-launch content will be free, and there’ll be no in-game purchases. Yes, it is published by EA as an EA Original, but it hasn’t filled Omega Force’s game with microtransactions and the like. You’re not going to be spending real money to unlock Celebrity Super Hunter #47. Your character also won’t be knocking back Monster Energy drinks to heal.

At least, that’s the story for now. Executive Producer Lewis Harvey confirmed the lack of microtransactions on a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” His exact words were, “All post launch contents will be free, including new Kemono and more! We don’t have any plans to feature MTX” (“MTX” meaning microtransactions).

So, they could potentially be added later, but that seems unlikely given the game’s status as an EA Original. EA Originals is the company’s indie label,

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