Italy Sets Guinness Record For Largest Guitar Hero Session


594 Italians turned up at a Verona store over the course of the day to participate in a Guitar Hero 5 event, setting the record for largest single Guitar Hero session in a single day.

The Guinness World Records really are on a roll these days with these absurd and seriously dubious videogame records. The latest one goes to the country of Italy, which now holds the title for the largest Guitar Hero session over a 24-hour period. 594 people showed up at a store in Verona over the course of a single day, netting Italy the title over competition in France and Sweden. Italy, clearly, loves Guitar Hero the most in Europe.

“This new record is an awesome accomplishment and will be a tough one to surpass” said Gaz Deaves, the person in charge of videogame records at Guinness and therefore probably the man behind all this ridiculousness. “The sheer scale of participation in the jam session is a true testament to the popularity and accessibility of Guitar Hero.”

All these record setting attempts are there to promote these games or companies on one level or another, but this seems to be the most blatantly transparent one yet. I have to imagine that if you can cough up enough dough, Guinness will be happy to create a new world record for you. I won’t be surprised, then, if Activision wins the “Most Working Night Vision Goggles Shipped With a Game” record when Modern Warfare 2 comes out or Blizzard wins “RTS With The Most Well-Animated Zerglings” for StarCraft II.

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