Have you ever wanted to see the voice of Mario speaking fluent Spanish? Yes you have, you just didn’t know it.

The above video is a clip from a Spanish Super Mario Galaxy 2 promotion event held yesterday morning at the Sala Cuarta Pared in Madrid Theatre. The man speaking is none other than Charles Martinet, the man behind the iconic voices of Mario, Wario, Luigi, and others.

While Martinet is very talented at affecting cheesy fake Italian accents in a number of voices, it turns out he also has another talent. The man is fluent in Spanish, thanks to living a number of years in Barcelona. In fact, RevoGamers calls his Castilian “perfect,” and I sure as hell ain’t gonna argue with people who speak the language natively.

I have to admit: It is cool to see that Mr. Martinet is so talented in another language, but hearing what is unmistakably Mario’s voice say “Gracias” is kind of odd.

(via GoNintendo)

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