It’s Multiplayer Mayhem in Syndicate Demo Trailer


A trailer showing off the features of the Syndicate multiplayer demo that launched today is now blasting its way across the tubes.

Curious what’s in store in the multiplayer Syndicate demo that hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 today? The Four-Player Co-Op Briefing video lays it all out: the value of the Dart 6 chip, the many ways to “breach” and the need to keep your co-workers alive. “Four guns are better than one,” explains Syndicate Producer Ben O’Donnell, “and if you’re not healing them, nobody’s going to be around to heal you.”

The video shows off a few of the Dart chip’s other abilities, like causing weapon backfires and letting players see behind walls. The game will include a number of preset loadouts for different styles of play, but chips, weapons and breach apps will all be configurable. Online leaderboards will keep track of players as they climb the corporate ladder and earn the upgrade points needed to get the job done, and of course copious amounts of bullets will fly and stuff will blow up.

I’m not really clear about why, but the Syndicate multiplayer demo is a console exclusive despite the fact that the game is coming out on the PC as well. I was irked by the slight, until it occurred to me that I could just pop over to GOG and score the original Syndicate for six bucks. I’d say that balances the scales pretty well.

Syndicate comes out on February 21 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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