Hulu Plus is not only coming to Microsoft’s console, but it’s going to be free for a week.

It’s been a long time coming, but hot on the heels of rumors about Hulu Plus coming to the Xbox 360, it’s now been confirmed that the service is going to be appearing on the console. Oh, and, guess what? It’s starting up tomorrow.

The best part about this, though, is that Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is unlocking Hulu Plus for Live users for a week, from April 29th through May 6th. The sponsorship will be available for all Xbox 360 owners, regardless of their type of Live membership they have. If users want to pony up the $7.99 monthly fee for the service afterwards, they’ll be able to watch current seasons of TV shows from channels like ABC, Comedy Central, Fox, NBC, and MTV, as well as classic movies from the Criterion Collection.

Up until now, I’ve been avoiding Hulu Plus, mainly because I don’t use the site often enough to justify another subscription in my life. However, being able to stream commercial-free episodes of my favorite shows on my Xbox is suddenly a lot more appealing. You can bet that I’ll be taking part in the free trial.

Source: Xbox

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