IVE Liz has received awful line distribution in new pre-release single song Kitsch, only getting 5 seconds of singing, and fans are upset.

IVE Liz Gets Awful Line Distribution in New Song ‘Kitsch’

IVE has released its new pre-release single song “Kitsch” ahead of the release of its first full album, I’ve IVE, on April 10, but fans are already pretty upset about how its line distribution treats Liz. Despite being the main vocalist of IVE, Liz only receives approximately five-and-a-half seconds total of singing in “Kitsch,” which occur in the first 20 seconds of the song. Fans want to know what the deal is from Starship Entertainment.

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IVE Liz Gets Five Seconds of Line Distribution in Pre-Release Single “Kitsch”

Most K-pop groups with more than four or five members will struggle with balanced line distribution from time to time. After all, there are all only so many lyrics to pass around in a given song, and not every line is suited to the vocal range of each singer. However, with Liz being the main vocalist of IVE, it’s less plausible to claim that her voice wasn’t suited to the song. One might instead hypothesize that Liz’s vocals are being “saved” for the actual main single that will lead the release of I’ve IVE, but that too is a strange argument. Why not just strive for good line distribution all the time, especially where your main vocalist is concerned?

There are accusations that Starship Entertainment is trying to downplay Liz as a member of IVE, but such things are never easy to prove. The truth is that K-pop companies make plenty of strange decisions for reasons that never become known to the public. It is also worth noting that some groups naturally settle into better line distribution over time, and IVE is still a relatively new group all things considered.

At the same time, photos and video did go viral last month in Japan where Liz appeared to have gained some weight, so there is perhaps a tin-foil-hat case to be made that Starship is downplaying her visuals right now. But if you actually watch the MV for “Kitsch,” Liz looks fine of course (and none of the members’ weight should have anything to do with their music in the first place), so really none of this should matter.

IVE fans have been vocal on social media about their frustration with the inadequate line distribution for Liz in “Kitsch,” and we have included a few of the SFW ones below!


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